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30 October 2010 @ 06:42 pm
[Fic] HTTYD - Awake  
Title: Awake
Author: [personal profile] autumndynasty
Fandom: How to Train Your Dragon (movieverse)
Characters: Hiccup, Toothless
Rating/Warnings: G, unbeta'd, SPOILERS for film's ending
Wordcount: 250
Summary: Hiccup can't sleep. It's that dragon's fault. Entirely.
Notes: Written as part of my Resolution Table. #8 - Awake

(Since I recently moved to Germany, my schedule was thrown out of whack pretty quickly. That and a depression relapse have put me way off my one-a-day target. So I'll resume it once things are back on an even keel! This was written on the U-Bahn to keep my occupied and yet it's surprisingly fluffy...)

And here he’d thought he’d never miss cold nights where the distance between the bed and the fireplace might as well have been an ice field.

But now! Now, Hiccup wishes for Hel on Berk. His pillow is too warm in seconds and no amount of turning can change that anymore. His blanket is stifling and keeps getting caught on his metal foot as he tosses and turns, but losing it entirely wouldn’t feel safe (and would then be too cold, he’s sure).

It’s all due to a certain furnace breathing quietly in the corner of the hut. Stoic doesn’t seem bothered but then, he could sleep through anything. Toothless radiates heat with every breath and it’s a godsend during the day, on a small island that has maybe two days of warmth a year.

“But oh no, you couldn’t possibly sleep outside, could you?” Hiccup hisses (quietly; he doesn’t really want anyone else to join his misery). He punches his pillow for good measure.

After another hour of fitful attempts at sleep, Hiccup decides that enough is enough. He lops across the room, blanket dragging behind him, and prods Toothless sharply. No response, the great stubborn lump. But that doesn’t stop Hiccup. He’s tired but far too awake and really, Toothless won’t mind. Hiccup clambers over the huge tail to curl up by his dragon’s side. He gently pulls one wing over to cover himself.

It’s a strangely comfortable. He’s asleep in minutes, illuminated by a single yellow eye.

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