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01 October 2010 @ 05:15 pm
[Fic] Assassin's Creed II - Patience is a Virtue  
Title: Patience is a Virtue
Author: [personal profile] autumndynasty
Fandom: Assassin's Creed II
Characters: Claudia
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, unbeta'd
Wordcount: 475
Summary: It seems all Claudia has done is wait, and it's getting harder than ever.
Notes: Written as part of my Resolution Table. #5 - Anxious

Since the murders of Father, Federico and Petruccio, it seems all Claudia has done is wait.

That night, she’d hid with her mother and Annetta in a brothel as she waited for answers. Why had guards taken her family? Where was Ezio? Had they taken him too? Would she see any of them again? Would Mother recover from the experience? What would they do next?

Claudia had so many questions, and no one would tell her anything. She sat on hard stool on the corner so she could keep an eye on both the door and her silent mother, scowling blackly the whole night.


Moving to Monteriggioni simply changed the scenery while she waited. She had answers, certainly. Who was responsible for their troubles, where they would live, what remained of her family. They weren’t comforting truths; weren’t even complete truths.

‘Nothing is true, everything is permitted,’ indeed. Claudia certainly wasn’t permitted to follow Ezio in his search for truth and revenge. God knew she wanted to. But no, she had to stay and help Uncle Mario keep the town running; necessary work to be sure, but it was still waiting. Claudia sat at a desk, angled so she could see the main entrance through the far door, toes tapping her heart onto the floor tiles as she wrote.


Waiting is getting harder and harder to do as Ezio visits less frequently and always with less to say than the last time.

He hasn’t sent word for a month and a half, now. No letters, no messengers and god forbid the man should return in person. But the chest is full of florins, and that almost always brings Ezio back promptly. There’s no sign of him though, and Claudia has just about had it.

Waiting, waiting, always waiting.

She was just 15 when they fled Firenze. Ezio was 17; she knew even then that was too young to be an active assassin. To clamber across rooftops, murder people (however guilty), or support the remains of a family. The Auditore children certainly had the innocence burned out of them, but that never stopped Claudia worrying. Particularly after occasions when Ezio has returned and all but collapsed on the stairs.

The worst is when Ezio hides his injuries from her. He doesn’t want her to worry, she knows, but he must think her stupid. She can see the tenseness around his eyes, his awkward stance. Claudia always knows; who does he think puts the bandages outside his door?

But what if he doesn’t come back this time? There’s no way of knowing where he is or what he’s doing until weeks after the event. Mother is still traumatised and Uncle Mario is distracted by riddles. She can’t do this on her own; however infrequently Ezio appears, she needs him. He’s the only brother she has left.

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